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Key Largo Dive Center is a full service facility. We are Authorized Dealers and our factory trained technicians are able to provide overhaul, repair, and service to Atomic Aquatics, Dive Rite, Oceanic, and Hollis regulators and dive gear. We utilize the manufacturer’s approved parts kits for all overhaul and service work.

We often hear divers say that they did not need regular service work on their regulators. Many armchair divers claim that overhauls are just scams to make money for dive shops. You can believe the ignorant or check out some of these regulators. These are not uncommon photos but rather surprisingly very typical. Is this the mold you are breathing into your lungs at depth? Does your regulator have hidden corrosion? Is this what’s hiding inside your regulator? Your broken parts?

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Corrosion can lead to increased wear beyond the manufacturer’s tolerances. Hidden damage may result in catastrophic failure at depth when you are out of sight or out of reach of your dive buddy. If you are lucky all it may do is ruin your expensive dive vacation.

We disassemble, ultrasonic clean, and inspect all regulator components. We corrosion dip and re-clean as required. O-rings and seats are replaced as per the manufacturer’s requirements. The regulator is rebuilt, tested and adjusted for intermediate pressure. Next it is tested on a Magnehelic for inhalation cracking pressure calibration. If applicable the environmental chambers are refilled (Atomic). Hoses are checked for damage and the entire unit is leak tested.

You can mail your unit to us or drop it off. Better yet, come dive with us then leave your regulators with us for servicing. We will ship them back to you when they are completed. Our prices are very competitive and you will be very satisfied with our service. We charge $35 per stage for labor plus the respective parts kits. We overhaul Atomic swivel hoses for $10 plus parts. A typical regulator includes a 1st stage, a 2nd stage, and either another 2nd stage octopus or a safe second unit. Our parts kits vary in price based on the manufacturer. Certain Atomic regulators require environmental chamber re-fills at servicing. We can also convert your non-sealed 1st stage Atomic to an environmentally sealed unit for no added labor cost during overhaul, just the cost of parts (an added seal) and the environmental fill.

$30 Atomic 1st Stage Overhaul Kit

$30 Atomic 2nd Stage Overhaul Kit

$30 Atomic SS1 Overhaul Kit.

$20 Environmental Chamber Service (required on M1, ST1, T2, T3 and other sealed 1st).

$5 Atomic Swivel Hose Overhaul Kit

$30 Convert a non-sealed Atomic 1st stage to environmentally sealed (includes seal & fill).

More prices will be added as we update this page. Prices are subject to change without notice and we will provide you with an estimate in advance of your current overhaul parts kit prices. Please call our Key Largo Dive Center at (305) 451-5844 if you have any pricing questions.

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