PADI ReActivate Refresher Training


Getting Back Into The Water After A Break From Diving

Almost every certified diver has, at one time or another, realized that they have been away from the sport maybe a little too long to be entirely comfortable about getting back into the water. No need to worry, we have a plan for getting you back into your favorite sport – scuba diving.
Scuba diving is a sport that we all know involves a little risk. You’re dealing with challenges that you’ve educated yourself about to minimize those risks – pressures, depths, currents, compressed air, and more. Whether or not you realize it, when you’re diving on a frequent basis you not only gain additional experience and the comfort that comes with that, but you also refresh yourself in the knowledge and skills associated with diving. No decompression limits, dive planning, setting up and being familiar with your dive gear, comfortably knowing how to use your computer, and all the conscious and subconscious moves you make seem to come naturally and easily when you stay proficient and current.
Taking time off from diving often results in a loss of the repetitious memory that benefits you in diving. The dive professionals see the little ques that give away the fact that you’re a little off your game before you even jump into the water– putting your tank on your BCD backwards, struggling with your regulator mounting and hose routing, fumbling for your gear, asking the dive staff how to work your dive computer, or other little mistakes that add up to indicate that maybe a refresher would benefit you.
How much time is too much time away? That is a tough question with no one correct answer. People acquire and retain skills at different levels. How many total dives and what type of diving you have done in the past is a consideration in answering this question. A newly certified diver who finishes the four open water dives required as part of their Open Water Scuba training then goes for two years before signing up for a dive trip will most likely not be proficient. On the other hand, a Master Diver with hundreds of dives over a decade of diving can probably take two years away from the sport and return to diving with an acceptable level of comfort and proficiency.
The good news is that your scuba certification doesn’t expire. In most cases, unless it’s been decades since you’ve been actively diving, you won’t have to re-take the certification course. Often a little knowledge review and a quick pool Refresher is all you need to get back into your scuba groove again.
So, what’s involved in a Refresher? A refresher is simply just a review of your dive skills with a scuba professional. This review allows you to practice your proficiency with basic skills to regain your confidence and comfort and make you a safer diver. At Key Largo Dive Center we’ve adopted the PADI ReActivate program for our refresher participants. The ReActivate program is available to certified divers from any certifying agency (NAUI, SSI, PADI, etc.) and consists of two parts. We opt to utilize the ReActivate program for a few reasons:
• It is a structured refresher program by a recognized training agency (PADI).
• Participants receive a ReActivate Card with their photo and provides evidence of refresher training.
• It provides participants with both knowledge and skills refresher
• It identifies the areas that you need to refresh.
Don’t let the program’s structure scare you. It is very easy and quick. The first part is an online knowledge review that will refresh your memory in basic knowledge and safety topics. The second part is an in-water pool review of basic scuba skills with a Divemaster or Instructor- regulator recovery, mask clearing, alternate air use, and other basic skills that you learned in open water training. The pool session usually takes about an hour for most divers. This program allows you to quickly and easily get back into diving whether you’ve been away for awhile or just want the comfort of reviewing the basic skills that make you a safe diver. The ReActivate course isn’t designed for divers who have been away from diving for so long that they need additional training to regain their proficiency and competency.
Call Key Largo Dive Center to schedule your ReActivate date followed by your next open water dive adventure on the Key Largo Diver. We’ll send you your ReActivate eLearning access codes and schedule your pool review session. Upon successful completion of both ReActivate eLearning and the in-water portion of the program you will receive your ReActivate Recognition Card.

Please call us at (305) 451-5844, or email us at to schedule your ReActivate training session.