Palau Dive Travel Photos

Here are some photos from the April 2019 Key Largo Dive Center’s Dive Travel Club trip to Palau:

Anenomefish, Palau

Clam on side of wreck, Palau

Coral rubble, Palau

Purple soft coral on wall, Palau

Sea Fan Palau

Giant Brown Clam, Palau

Clam, Palau

Blue Clam, Palau

Four Blue Clams, Palau

Showing his teeth

Large Anenome, Palau

Anenome and Fish

Orange Anenome

Pink Anenomefish, Palau

Anenomefish Bubble Tip, Palau

Clownfish family in anenome , Palau

Divers in Palau

Erika cavern opening

Erika and Stephane

Erika cavern exit

Divers exiting cavern, Palau

Kyle exiting cavern

Divers on wall, Palau

Scott filming

Stephane photographing Manta Ray cleaning station

Mary for Lunch

Descending into Blue Holes, Palau

Divers in Cavern, Blue Holes, Palau

Manta Ray cruising over cleaning station in Palau

Emperor Angel

Yellow Mask Angelfish

Eight Banded Butterflyfish

Regal Angel


Fish School

Chromis on Coral

Sleeping Shark, Palau

Napoleon Wrasse

Moorish Idols

Divers and Fish School

Sea Snake

Turtle and boat, palau

Pennant Butterflyfish

Shark on Reef Palau

Napoleon Wrasse, Palau

Fish Wall, Palau

Stingray in Sand



Squid just below the surface at the Helmet Wreck in Palau

Nudibranch Palau

Depth Charge Wreck

Aircraft engine in helmet wreck, Palau

Porthole, Helmet Wreck, Palau

Dusty exploring Helmet Wreck, Palau

Porthole exterior

Plane wreck, Palau

Plane wreck, Palau

Plane wreck, Palau