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The Key Largo Diver is a 34′ Crusader dive boat custom modified for optimum diver utility and comfort. Unlike many operators who put 12 or more divers on this model of dive boat, we operate on a “Green Diver” philosophy and only put 6 divers on our boat in order to  reduce diver impact on the reef biosystem and to promote an eco-friendly experience. This philosophy creates a natural social distancing for divers, doesn’t assault the marine life like dropping up to 30 divers on the reef, and it creates a premium dive boat experience both above and below the water. The impact to marine life, fish, and corals is much less than a boat that dumps up to 30 divers onto the reef. No cattle car overcrowding on our dive charter boat the Key Largo Diver. Plenty of space to spread out your gear and enjoy your dive trip. One low price for all trips.

To further enhance your enjoyment, our dive charter boat includes a free Divemaster on all trips. The Divemaster’s duties in addition to ensuring safety are to promote a “green” experience. They will guide you around the reef or wrecks and promote an eco-friendly experience by pointing out marine life and insuring that you maximize the “fun value” during your dive.

Two Daily Dive Boat Charter Departures. 8:30 AM & 1:30 PM. Reservations Required

Call our dive center at (305) 451-5844 in order to make your reservations. Email: scuba@KeyLargoDiveCenter.com

Two Location Dive: $99/diver. Choose a combination of two shallow reef dives, or two deep wreck dives, or one shallow and one deep dive as appropriate to your certification level. The first divers to schedule for a particular dive boat charter determine the type of dives for that trip. Double-deep dives require Enriched Air (Nitrox) certification and Nitrox use by all divers for surface interval requirements.

Our reef dives are generally shallow between 20-35 feet and require an Open Water Diver certification*. Most of our wreck dives are deep dives, either the USS Spiegel Grove or the USCG Cutters Duane and the Bibb. These three deep wreck dives are at approximately 100′ and we require Advanced Open Water certification and appropriate deep diving equipment (see below **). If you wish to do a double deep dive you must be Enriched Air (Nitrox) certified in order to reduce surface intervals. We visit also frequent one shallow wreck, the Benwood wreck, which sits in 30-50 feet of water and only requires an Open Water Diver certification to dive.

Full Dive Boat Charter. $495. Schedule a full dive boat charter trip (6 passengers) for either the 8:30 AM or 1:30 PM trip. A two location/two dive boat charter trip. Your choice of reef, wreck, or combo. All divers must be appropriately certified. No more than six passengers. Complimentary air and weights, included.  The deposit and balance of payment must be on a single credit card. Deposit $250. Full dive boat charters have a one week cancellation policy.

Lobster Mini Season Dives: $99/diver. The last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July (July 24-25, 2019) each year is designated Lobster Mini Season. On these two days divers are allowed to lobster hunt ahead of the commercial lobster season start. KLDC offers divers the opportunity to book individual divers on lobster hunting trips during these two days vs. full boat charters. The cost for a lobster hunt is $99 and divers should be current and proficient divers. We offer dives on these two days at 5:30 am, 10:30 am, 3:30 pm. These special Lobster Mini Season dive boat trips fill up fast so call us to book your seat. Divers must have their own Florida Fishing License with a lobster stamp and their own lobster hunting gear including a lobster measuring gauge. No dive guides provided. All divers must be certified, proficient, and have recent dive experience. This is not a training event.

Lobster Season Full Dive Boat Charter: $495. From August 6 to March 31 schedule a charter lobster trip and put up to six divers/snorkelers on the boat for two location lobster dive trip. These trips are outside of the normal dive sites which are protected from hunting. Dive guides are not provided on lobster hunting trips. Divers must provide their own lobster hunting gear and each lobster diver is required to have a Florida resident or non-resident fishing license with lobster endorsement and must have a lobster measuring gauge. See note *** below.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy: All reservations require a deposit of 50% of the first day’s diving total not including rentals. Except Full Boat Charters. Reservations must be cancelled no less than 48 hours from the scheduled time of boat departure or the deposit is forfeited. Key Largo Dive Center staff may cancel dives on the day of departure if the assigned Captain believes that the dive conditions are unsafe or due to circumstances beyond our control. If the Captain departs the dock and returns due to unsafe conditions divers will not be charged. We will not guarantee reservations from a solo diver without a dive buddy because we will not pair a solo diver with other dive teams without the prior approval of that other dive pair.

Divemaster/Dive Guide & Photograph Policy: We  often provide a complimentary in-water Divemaster/Dive Guide on most of our dive boat trips. We often provide free photographs of the dive to our customers that you can download at your convenience after the trip, usually within 24 hours. Due to sudden illness, malfunctions, or unusual circumstances beyond our control we may be unable to provide a Divemaster/Dive Guide and/or photographs. Divemaster/Dive Guides are not a substitute for the diver currency requirement or a substitute for proficency and do not provide instruction. Divers are expected to perform to the skill level of their certification which includes dive planning. Complimentary Divemaster/Dive Guide and photograph services have no cash value.

Reassignment: If there are not at least four divers booked on a boat trip we reserve the right to re-assign the diver to another dive boat that may or may not provide similar services. Also due to mechanical difficulties, unexpected medical issues, or other circumstances beyond our control we may reassign divers to another dive boat that may or may not provide similar services.

* A minimum of Open Water Diver certification or equivalent is required for all shallow reef dives and Benwood dives except for divers who are enrolled in a Discover Scuba course and are accompanied by a KLDC staff instructor. All divers must meet our Diver Currency Requirements below to dive.  An octopus or safe second and a buoyancy compensating device (BCD) are required for all divers. A cutting device such as diver shears or a dive knife, and a surface signaling tube (safety sausage) is considered standard basic safety gear for all divers and is highly recommended on all dives. Divers must have a dive watch or dive computer to monitor their dive time.

**A minimum of Advanced Open Water Diver certification or higher is required for all deep wreck dives listed above (USS Spiegel Grove, USCG Duane, USCG Bibb) or Advanced Open Water students completing their Deep Adventure Dive and accompanied by a KLDC approved staff instructor. All deep wreck dives require the following minimum equipment: a dive computer for each diver (no sharing a computer), cutting device such as diver shears or a dive knife, and a surface signaling tube (safety sausage). A dive light is highly recommended even during the day. Double-Dip Deep Dives require Nitrox certification and Nitrox use by all divers. No wreck penetration dives are allowed unless Wreck Diver and Deep Diver certified and all divers in the group are experienced as a Wreck Diver and Deep Diver and appropriate staging bottles, pony bottles, reels, lines, etc are used and approved by the Captain. Backup printed dive tables are recommended as a backup to your dive computer.

***   All Full-Boat Charter deposits and final balance payment must be paid for by one credit card or cash. Multiple payments are not allowed. Cancellations for full boat charters must be made at least seven days prior to the date of departure. Full boat charters can’t be cancelled and converted to individual dive bookings within seven days prior to departure.

Check-In time for all dives is a minimum of 45 minutes before departure. That will be check in times of either 7:45 AM for morning dives or 12:45 PM for afternoon dives. Check in is at our Key Largo Dive Center, 100670 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037. All divers must have their Diver Certification Card and proof of dive currency in their possession at check-in. If you do not have your card please google and contact your certifying agency in advance and request a duplicate. It is not our responsibility to search for your verification. Some agencies don’t have accessible online certification records or older records may not be online. 30 minutes before departure time is not the appropriate time to inform us that you don’t have a certification card (or e-card) and you may forfeit your dive and your deposit. Please plan ahead and pack your dive cards or order replacements. Even better, most dive agencies have apps for your phone that allow you to download your certifications so you’ll always have an e-card accessible.

Currency Requirements for Divers: Open Water certified divers who were trained in freshwater quarries or ponds and have no logged saltwater dives must dive with a KLDC dive instructor on your first ocean dive with us. Additionally:

  • Open water divers with less than 10 total dives after certification must have at least one logged dive within the past 12 months or must complete a ReActivate pool refresher with KLDC before being allowed on a boat dive.
  • Open water or above divers with less than 24 total dives after certification must have at least one logged dive within the past 24 months or must complete a ReActivate pool refresher with KLDC before being allowed on a boat dive.
  • Open water or above divers with more than 50 total dives must have at least one logged dive within the past 36 months or must complete a ReActivate pool refresher with KLDC before being allowed on a boat dive.
  • Any diver who has not logged any open water dive in more than 36 months must Enroll and complete the PADI ReActivate Program through Key Largo Dive Center. Please advise when making your reservations that you would like to enroll in the Reactivate program. See our PADI “Training Tab” for additional Reactivate course information.

<10 Total Dives          Must have at least 1 logged dive          Past 12 months

<24 Total Dives          Must have at least 1 logged dive          Past 24 months

<50 Total Dives          Must have at least 1 logged dive          Past 36 months

No logged dive within past 24 months =  must take ReActivate pool refresher.

If any diver has doubts as to your dive competency regardless of experience level we highly recommend that you complete a pool refresher or PADI Reactivate prior  to diving. Be prepared to present your logbook or some evidence of dive currency at check-in. Our currency guidelines are guidelines, as a Certified Diver you are responsible for planning your dive profile and determining your fitness to perform to the skill level of your certification. If you have any doubts as to your ability to safely plan and conduct your open water dive please advise us at the time you book your reservation so that we may discuss a plan to return you to currency. Divers are expected to perform to their level of certification on the dive boat.

Safety and Medical Conditions: Our boat is equipped with DAN emergency oxygen kits and First Aid Kits. Our crews are Certified Oxygen Providers and/or Emergency First Responders and/or certified as Dive Masters or Instructors. All divers must meet current PADI or NAUI medical standards for divers and must not be under the influence of any medication that has warnings against diving, driving, or any medication that may inhibit your judgment or safety including medicinal marijuana. You are responsible for being in acceptable physical condition for diving. You must report during the reservation process any medical or physical limitation that does not meet PADI or NAUI medical standards. Request a medical questionnaire from our representative when you make your reservation.  If you must check “yes” to any of the conditions on the medical questionnaire you will be required to have a doctor’s release attached to your medical form. Divers must immediately report to the Dive Center management and to the dive boat captain and guide any known or sudden limiting physical or mental condition that could affect the safe outcome of your dive or place other divers in danger. Junior Open Water Divers and divers under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian on board the dive boat. No unattended minors are allowed on our boats. For the protection of our crews they are not allowed to babysit minors on the boat while parents dive. All Junior Open Water Divers must be accompanied by a certified adult parent or guardian. No firearms or weapons except dive knives are allowed on our dive boats. We request that all divers carry a dive watch or dive computer to time their dives, a surface signaling device (safety sausage) and a cutting device such as dive knife or shears.

Note: We can’t confirm a reservation for only one diver unless a boat is already scheduled with divers. Due to circumstances beyond our control and in order to avoid trip cancellations we reserve the right subcontract a dive boat that may carry more than six passengers. While we make all attempts to prevent this from happening we can’t control unforeseen mechanical issues, sudden illness, acts of nature, or other circumstances that may occur on occasion. We always strive to provide our customers with a safe and enjoyable scuba experience.

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