Anthony’s Key Honduras Trip 2017

Key Largo Dive Center’s Dive Travel Club Trip To

Anthony’s Key, Honduras

Training & Adventure Dive Trip June 10-17, 2017

Scorpionfish perfectly camouflaged among the corals.

Seahorse out for a swim

Divers through the corals.

Stunning Sponge and Coral

Sleepy Turtle on the reef

Lobster and Shrimp

Free-swimming Moray Eel

Diver Parade throgh the coral reef

Colorful Sponge

Scott and Jeannie

Wreck Dive with The Key Largo Dive Gang.

Beginning the Dive

Max with Ray and Cammy below


Coral Close Up

Large Soft Coral

Coral garden

Orange Sponge

Colorful Coral Plates

Danny Surveys a Wreck

Al, Jodi, and Sharkey

Stephane with his FantaSea housing, tray, and lights.

Giant Sponge

Sergeant Majors among the coral.