Little Cayman June 24 to July 1, 2018

The KLDC Dive Club will be traveling to Little Cayman the week of June 24 to July 1, 2018 for 7 nights at the Little Cayman Beach Resort. Your cost is only $1695 (double occupancy). Airfare is not included since our members travel from all around the world. There is limited availability and we expect this trip to sell out quickly. Priority will be given to reservations based upon the dates the deposit is received. Your reservation is not confirmed until full payment is received. Call the Key Largo Dive Center at (305) 451-5844 today to make your reservation and insure your spot.

As with all our KLDC Dive Club trips, free dive instruction is included towards advanced dive certification as long as you purchase the training materials from KLDC. See training details/limitations below. The trip includes the following:

7 Nights accommodation. Pool view rooms.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily (dinner arrival day through breakfast departure day)
No drinks. Drink package available.
6 X 2-tank morning boat dives (12 boat dives total for 7-night package. 17 dives total with optional package below)
Complimentary use of dive computer (we require them)
BONUS free nitrox upgrade
Complimentary WiFi
Welcome rum punch
Manager’s cocktail reception (typically Monday evening)
Airport ground transfers
Boat crew removes, cleans, and stores your gear after diving and returns it to boat in the morning.
Resort fees, taxes and gratuities – except dive gratuities which are NOT included

50% deposit to Key Largo Dive Center to reserve your spot. Balance due by January 28, 2018. Monthly payments are accepted for the balance, with our approval, divided so that the entire balance is paid by January 28, 2018.

There are a few options: 

You can add a single-tank afternoon dive on 5 days for only $200. (Highly Recommended)

Single-tank night dives available Tuesday and Thursday $65 each. Sign up at dive shack.

You can choose to do your own single room/single diver for a new total of $2195 vs $1695.

You can bring a non-diving spouse or friend – deduct $250 from the diver price=$1445.

Triple Room Price $1616/diver.

Drink Package (3 drinks/night including house beer/wine, house well, and soft drinks)$202. We recommend that you consider bringing your own duty free to save costs.

*KLDC Dive Travel Requirements: There are no membership requirements or fees to be a member of the KLDC Dive Club. Just sign up for the trip and you will become a member. All divers must be at least open water qualified Scuba Divers. All divers must provide their own dive gear except Tanks/weights which are provided by Little Cayman dive boat staff. All divers must have a cutting device such as a dive knife and/or dive shears. All divers must have a surface signaling device (safety sausage). DAN Diver Insurance (for decompression emergencies, etc) is highly recommended. Trip insurance is highly recommended.

**Free KLDC Dive Training details: Free dive instruction is offered by KLDC staff to our Dive Travel participants. The Little Cayman Beach Resort has no commitment or obligation as a part of this offer. Training is only offered for Advanced Open Water Diver and higher certifications with the exception of Divemaster and Instructor. Training is available on a first come, first served basis and depends upon dive conditions. There is no cash value. There is no substitution or “make up” training once the trip ends. The KLDC staff will schedule the training dives according to our availability and inform you of your training date/time. All E-Learning, knowledge reviews and/or quizzes and tests must be accomplished prior to diving. All class prerequisites if any must be met. Most advanced certifications require specialized equipment that the diver must provide at his/her expense for the training (for example dive reels, dive lights, etc). We offer special pricing on most required items for our training students. See our course descriptions for a list of required equipment. We reserve the right to revoke or cancel this offer at any time. There is no cash value offered or implied.

Little Cayman Island is 87 miles northeast of Grand Cayman, five miles west of Cayman Brac, 480 miles from Miami & 90 miles south of Havana. The island itself is 10 miles long & 1 mile wide.  There are daily flights from Miami & other major cities to Grand Cayman. Once on Grand Cayman, it is just a short hop to Little Cayman. Island Air, the inter island air carrier offers three round trip flights a day.

Little Cayman Beach Resort’s service & amenities are outstanding. Our 28 pool view rooms are spacious, air conditioned & tastefully decorated. Each features a balcony or patio, color TV, ceiling fan & private bath.   For the ultimate in guest creature comfort available in luxury Caribbean resorts, we have 12 luxury ocean front rooms complete  with wet bar, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, private balcony or patio.  Guests can choose to dine in the Bird of Paradise Restaurant or outdoors in an alfresco setting on our screened patio. Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 8:30. Lunch from 12:30 to 1:30 & dinner 6:30 to 8:00. The Beach Nuts Bar is the gathering place for guests before & after meals. The bar opens at 11:30 & closes at 11:00 p.m.

The Beach Nuts Bar offers cool drinks which can be enjoyed at the bar or pool side. & as the sun begins to set, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of  gourmet specialties, delicious fresh seafood & sumptuous island favorites  in our air-conditioned Bird of Paradise Restaurant or dine alfresco among  the swaying palms on our screened patio. The resort has everything you need to make your stay special. In Mermaids & the dive shop store, you’ll discover everything from postcards to dive gear.  We also have a 1,500 square foot conference center, game room, fully-equipped fitness center, lighted tennis courts, jacuzzi & a health & beauty center scheduled to open in the summer of 1998.

Little Cayman boasts the third largest bird sanctuary in the Caribbean &  we encourage guests to tour by bicycle, or arrange for a guided tour to see  all the sites on Little Cayman. Visit the new museum, birdlife observatory,  the old cemetery, Baptist Church & much more. Scuba vacations can be more than bubbling down under, you know. These Cayman dive resorts offer more than meets the eye on day one.

For several years in a row, more than  8,000 or more scuba divers put pen to paper & rated their favorite scuba diving sites, dive resorts & dive operations, according to Rodale’s Scuba Diving Reader’s Choice Awards. Little Cayman home to Reef Divers scored as having the Best Wall Diving, Fish Life, Visibility, Healthiest Marine Environment, Dive Operation, Resort, Staff, Restaurant.  That’s a pretty decent array of “Bests”. It is an assurance of the quality of local diving here & the services we offer. From Phillipe Cousteau to David Doubilet to John Wanderlust & Jane Traveler, just about every scuba diver has stated that Little Cayman is one of the world’s premier dive destinations with pristine quality — excellent visibility & incredibly satisfying diving vistas.

Reef Divers, the resort’s resort-owned & managed dive center, has everything you need.  A fleet of modern, custom designed dive boats, a complete inventory of tanks & scuba gear, along with a staff of seasoned guides & professional instructors.  Add an additional margin of safety using Nitrox for your next dive.   Reef Divers offers certification for Nitrox diving. Plus to be sure you capture every exiting moment of every dive, Reef Photo  & Video Center has a selection of underwater video &  photography equipment for rent, plus on-site E6 processing.

Reef Divers is home to three custom designed super dive boats built by Newton boats, Inc., Slidell Louisiana. They are powered by twin caterpillar 300 hp 3116 diesel engines & are 42 feet long & 16 feet wide with a cruising speed of 25 mph.  They feature over 500 square feet of floor & deck space, dual ladders, stand up showers,  padded camera table. Praised by divers for the ease of entering & exiting the water, they are also favored for their many safety features.

After checking in you’ll be asked to complete a history form & to return it to the dive shop. Don’t forget your C card.  You won’t be able to enjoy any Cayman diving without it. Our boardwalks lead from your room to all points of interest, including the  pier for a look at the dive boats you will be using. The boats depart each morning at 8:30 a.m. & again at 2:30 p.m. Water temperature ranges from 76-78 degrees F. in winter to 76-86 degrees F in summer.  Divers are encouraged to place their gear in a bag outside their door the first morning. The dive staff will pick it up & take it to the boat. The first time, divers are asked to set up their gear. After that the dive staff  will take care of everything, including packing up your gear & rinsing it after the day’s diving.


  • World famous Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park with magnificent wall diving .
  • Abundant colorful species such as Turtles, Spotted Eagle Rays, Reef Sharks, Nassau Groupers, Moray Eels, Stingrays, Horse-Eye Jacks, Barracuda, Flying Gurnards & more!
  • 100 Different hard & soft corals & over 500 types of fish.
  • Wonderful visibility — usually 100 to 150 feet — with little or no current.
  • Warm water:  Winter 82° to 78°, Summer 82° to 86°.
  • Day trips to dive the Russian frigate available.


Cascades:   This is the first & most northern Little Cayman diving site in the Jackson Point area. Once you’ve entered the water & started down you will understand the meaning of Cascades. This is the area where it all cascades down to “La La Land”. You will find turtles, sharks, Eagle & Sting Rays on this far out site, as well as conch. The coral heads in this area look like small mountain ranges. Makes for great wide angle photos.

Paul’s Anchors:   This Little Cayman diving site is known for its majestic, gently sloping drop-off. You will find in & around the rubble Sand Tile Fish, octopus & Yellow Headed Jaw Fish. There are many anchors located on this site. One of interest is about 10_ tall with a large rope ring at the top. Makes for a great photo backdrop. This site is also known for its abundance of sea life, turtles, sharks & Green Morays, not to forget the Spotted Eagle Rays.

Nancy’s Cup of Tea (a/k/a Magic Roundabout):   This Little Cayman diving site is named after Nancy Sefton, author of Caribbean Reef Invertebrates. From this site you can visit Mike’s Mount to the south & Paul’s Anchors to the north. The wall reef & inner reef abound with marine life. The main point of interest is an outcropping from the wall. There are several species of Black Coral to be found in & around this outcropping. Eagle Rays, Sting Rays & sharks, as well as turtles, are among some of the large critters to be seen here. A Bat Fish has been seen at this site, as well. Yellow Headed Jaw Fish & Sand Tile Fish will be found among the rubble, along with conch.

Mike’s Mount:   There’s a lot to be found, starting with this Little Cayman diving dive site. As you move in a northerly direction out towards the Cascades site, you can take a look at some history. The first thing to be found is a small cannon on this site. Moving on north, there are many anchors to be seen. You will have to look for these artifacts, for they have been transformed to look like their surroundings. There are tunnels through the wall (to “La La Land”) as well as a cannon in the shallows. We’ve seen sharks, turtles, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, eels, etc. There are friendly Queen Trigger & French Angels, as well as Grouper.

The Meadows:   This Little Cayman diving site affords both deep & shallow diving, for scuba diver or snorkeler. You can take the dropoff to “La La Land” or cruise through many canyons & sand flats. You will find friendly French Angels & Queen Triggers. In among the rubble areas you will find Jaw Fish, Sand Tile Fish & many other small dwellers of the reef. You may also find sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sting Rays & turtles swimming here. There are some great tunnels that open onto the wall. Makes for a great backdrop for pictures of your friends with wide angle or standard lens. Great video, too!

Eagle Ray Roundup:   This Little Cayman diving site is a large sandy area typical of Jackson Bay. Occasionally we find more than one or two Eagle Rays, here. The area is surrounded by large coral head formations & bordered by the wall reef. You will find large Parrot Fish munching on the sand, as well as Sting Rays & Hog Snapper. There are also friendly French Angels & Grouper, here.

Jackson’s Reef & Wall:   This Little Cayman diving site abounds with marine life. During the day you will find some very friendly French Angels that will be more than willing to have their pictures taken. Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Yellow Sting Rays & Moray Eels (both Green & Black & White), are frequently seen here. In & around the rubble area, you will find many small fish such as Yellow Headed jaw Fish, Sand Tile Fish, Sand Divers & a variety of juveniles. For the night diver there are a lot of night dwellers to be seen — Octopus, Basket Starfish & Orange Ball Anemones to name a few.

Cumber’s Caves:   The main feature of this Little Cayman diving site are the four tunnels that go through the wall reef. They all start at about 45 to 50 feet & exist on the outside of the wall at about 100 feet. There is an anchor at the entrance of one. In the sandy area you will find Garden Eels, conch, as well as Eagle Rays & Southern Sting Rays. Along the base of the mini-wall you will find among the rubble many smaller fish like the Yellow Headed Jaw Fish. This area is also a great night dive, & affords a photographic range from wide angle to macro, as well as video.

Bus Stop:   This Little Cayman diving site gets its name from the remains of a school bus on the shore. You will find a large sand wash inside the wall reef that runs through the wall & dumps into “La La Land” This chute opened up in December, 1989 during a northwester. You will note the dead zone from where the sand originally was — about 20_ or so. Along the wall east of the mooring point there is a large Barrel Sponge which has a large hole in the side. Makes for interesting photos.

Sarah’s Set:   This Little Cayman diving site affords both deep & shallow diving. You can take the dropoff to “La La Land” or cruise through many canyons & sand flats. You will find friendly French Angels & Queen Triggers. In among the rubble areas you will find Jaw Fish, Sand Tile Fish & many other small dwellers on the reef. You may also find sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sting Rays & turtles swimming here from time to time. There are some great tunnels that open onto the wall. Makes for great backdrop pictures of your friends with wide angle or standard lens. Great for video, too!

Blacktip Boulevard:   This Little Cayman diving site is named for the number of sightings of Blacktip Sharks. The mooring is set at the inner edge of the wall reef. The reef itself is a gentle slope to the dropoff. There are many sand grooves to explore in this area. In the sand you will find Yellow Headed Jaw Fish, along with Sand Tile Fish & many other small fish. In the sand area you will find Garden Eels, Southern Sting Rays, conch & Eagle Rays.

Mixing Bowl (3 Fathom Wall):   The name “Mixing Bowl” comes from the local divers, so named because this is where Jackson’s Bay & Bloody Bay share a common border. The site is also known as “3 Fathom Wall” (6 feet/fathom x 3 = 18 feet). Also known as Bloody, Jackson & Ball’s Bay. There is much to be seen here, & you will notice a great difference between both areas: Jackson’s with its gentle sloping to the wall & Bloody Bay’s vertical drop into dark depths below. Sharks, Eagle Rays & Turtles are commonly found cruising the Wall in both bays, along with Queen Angels, French Angels & Gray Angels. On the Bloody Bay side, you’ll find Sailfin Blennys & large schools of Stoplight Parrot Fish, Scorpion Fish & many others. Great for video, both macro & wide angle still photography, standard & closeup, wide angle (20mm & 15mm) & macro. On the Jackson’s side you will find Yellow Headed Jaw Fish, Sand Tile Fish, Southern Sting Rays, turtles & more Little Cayman diving delights.

Marilyn’s Cut:   Marilyn’s Cut is made up of a modern day Danforth anchor. This Little Cayman diving site is within easy distance of both Mixing Bowl to the east, & Donna’s Delight to the west. The shallows are a very gentle slope to the dropoff which starts at an average depth of 25 feet. On the wall you will find a variety of sponge & corals. The east cut has Black Coral on both sides & a very large Barrel Sponge on the west side. The shallows abound with a variety of fish — some small, some large. Pot holes abound with many juveniles.

Donna’s Delight:   Donna’s Delight is very much like Marilyn’s Cut. One thing that seems to be abundant on this site are Flamingo Tongue shells. Nurse Sharks are frequently seen along these sites. You may find Flying Gurnards in the shallow areas, too. Sailfin Blenny are common, but you really need a trained eye to find them. They are only about 1-1/4″ to 1-1/2″ long. They dance above their burrows & fleet back into them when approached.

The Chimney (Randy’s Gazebo):   The chimney & archway are the greatest points of interest, here. The chimney entrance starts at about 75¢ & exits vertically at about 40 feet on the top of the wall. The arch is east of the mooring, approximately 10 feet, opening on the blue water side at about 75 feet. This makes for a great backdrop for photos of divers coming through from open water. In the shallows, as with most of the sites, you will find an array of juveniles. Sharks & rays are seen cruising to these Little Cayman diving areas as well. The wall offers great views as well as wide angle & standard lenses. The top of the wall offers the same as well as good macro opp’s.

Great Wall:   There are two words to describe this site — FULLY AWESOME.  In the shallows you will find many large coral heads abundant with small reef fish. You may find cleaning stations here, as well. Scorpion Fish are found frequently around their base structure. You will also find the Sailfin Blennys in the shallows (hard bottom area with algae growth) dancing above their burrows. The wall is almost vertical. It will leave you in awe when you find your way off the wall & turn around to look back. Black Coral is abundant in this area & makes a great backdrop for photos. You may see Eagle Rays and/or sharks cruising the wall. Big game fish have been seen at times. There are also many different types of sponges in an array of colors.

Lea Lea’s Lookout:   Lobsters, Spider Crabs, Scorpion Fish, Jaw Fish & Sailfin Blennys are among some of the critters that can be seen, along with turtles, sharks, Eagle Rays, Green Morays & Black & White Morays. Sailfin Blennys live in holes on the hard bottom. Jaw Fish live in holes among the rubble & sand. Both of these critters dance vertically above their dens in this Little Cayman diving classic.

Coconut Walk:   Coconut Walk is the island name for Coconut Grove. The main point of interest on this site is a large stand of Pillar Coral. It is one of the few hard corals, here. Polyps are extended from it to feed during daylight hours. This coral is very slow growing & is extremely delicate, so please — DO NOT TOUCH! There are many tunnels through the outcroppings with sand & rubble shoots. You will find large Barrel Sponges at depths of 60 feet +. They are best photographed with a wide angle lens & someone alongside or above to give non-diving people an idea of how large these sponges can be. The shallows in this area afford the same array of marine life that is found along Bloody Bay & Jackson’s Bay.

Barracuda Bight:   This is the next to last site in Bloody Bay. We have in this area fingers or outcroppings from the wall. You will find in the shallows the Sailfin Blennys & many juveniles & small fish. There are many crevices & overhangs to explore, here. Lobster & Spider Crabs are found here, quite often along with Nurse Sharks, Green Moray & Black & White Moray Eels.

Joy’s Joy:   This is the last dive site in the Bloody Bay area, another Little Cayman diving classic. The area is much the same as Barracuda Bight with its many outcropping fingers. From the mini-wall or ridge, starting at about 25 feet, there is a gradual sloping to the dropoff. There are lots of nooks & crannies to explore. You may find lobsters (Spiny, Rock & Slipper) hiding in this area, along with octopus & Flamingo Scallops. You may also sight Eagle Rays & sharks cruising this area.


OPENED: June 10, 1993.

DESCRIPTION:   Deluxe beachfront resort. Premier choice in Cayman dive resorts.

The Little Cayman Beach Resort is situated on a private beach on the south shore, bordered by the South Hole Sound, just 1/4 mile from the Edward Bodden Airport. Little Cayman, 11 miles long & 1 mile wide, the smallest of the three Cayman Islands, in the British West Indies, is located about 90 miles northeast of Grand Cayman & 5 miles west of Cayman Brac. The Cayman Islands are 170 miles northeast of Jamaica & 480 miles south of Miami.

STAFF:  25 workers total.

The resort offers 40 guest rooms divided into 2, two-story “treetop height” buildings, surrounded by lush tropical foliage & landscaped gardens. The Resort design & architecture reflect the quaintness & charm of the tropical Caribbean style, with the building exterior finished in a warm peach color tone with white gingerbread trim.

  • 12 Luxury Oceanfront Rooms.
  • 28 Deluxe Pool View Rooms.

Each Guest Room is furnished with:

  • Attractive tropical decor.
  • Tiled or carpeted floors, two doubles or one king-size bed.
  • Patio or balcony.
  • Individually controlled air conditioning, as well as an overhead ceiling fan.
  • Color cable television & radio/alarm clock.
  • Bathroom with combination tub/shower or shower alone, & a deluxe bathroom amenity package.

The Bird of Paradise Restaurant offers dining in a casual atmosphere, both indoors in air-conditioned comfort or outdoors in an alfresco setting. Buffet-style meals. Theme night buffet dinners featuring continental menus & island specialties.

BAR:  Beach Nuts Bar is a poolside bar overlooking the beach, specializing in refreshing, tropical drinks.

The Grouper Room Building offers 1,270 square feet of space with its own kitchen & restrooms. It accommodates 54 in a classroom setting, 70 auditorium & 40 for private dining parties. Full audio-visual equipment is available for rental.

The Little Cayman Beach Resort offers its business guests the most extensive
business support services on Little Cayman, which include the following:
Secretarial services. · Photocopying.
IDD Telephone & Fax. · Word Processing.


  • 500 feet of beautiful white sand beach.
  • Snorkeling, swimming, beach volleyball, ping pong, tetherball, horseshoes, basketball, darts, bicycles,sailboats, paddleboats & kayaks.
  • Freshwater swimming pool with heated jacuzzi.
  • Chaise lounges at pool & beach, & beach towels.
  • Lighted tennis court.
  • Game room with board games & TV monitor with VHS VCR for playback of dive videos.
  • Full Guest Activities Program, including Welcome Drink, Weekly Managers’ Rum Punch Cocktail Party, & many more fun side events.
  • Weekly Repeat Guest Cocktail Party, underwater videos at the bar & slide presentations.

Manager’s Rum Punch Party – Monday 6:00 to 6:30 pm.
Karaoke at the Beach Nuts Bar – Friday 8:30 to 10:30 pm.
Massage, Health & Beauty Spa
Fitness Center