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March 16, 2018

It’s time to put away that snow shovel and head for warm weather and warm water. As I write this and check the Molasses Reef weather station I see that the air temperature is 73 degrees and the water is an even warmer 76 degrees. Key Largo’s wrecks, reefs, and our dive staff is waiting for you to visit.

January and February are typically slower months for us. Now spring break, summer, and the infamous Lobster Mini-Season are approaching and our schedule starts to fill up. We are restocking our inventory in anticipation of a busy season.

I like to use our blog to inform our dive friends about a new product that we like or a product that we think will enhance your dive experience. This month I would like to review the Atomic Aquatics Frameless II Mask. We have stocked the original Frameless Mask for many years and it has been my most dived with, personal favorite mask. The Frameless II has improved upon the features of the original without sacrificing the things that have made it so great. Of course the Atomic Frameless II still utilizes Atomic’s UltraClear lenses. If you have never seen the UltraClear lenses before you will not believe what a difference they make in enhancing visiiblity, especially beneficial in deep, low light situations or for photographers who want to have the clearest views of their subjects and clear vision through the viewfinder with no color distortion. Most typical dive masks use a less expensive glass in their lenses that have a green tint. You can see this by holding a typical dive mask up to a natural light source besides an Atomic mask. The Atomic Frameless II is also very low volume which makes clearing easier and it sits close to the eyes so that you have a great field of view. The best news is that the Atomic Frameless II mask comes in three different sizes in each of the two colors, clear skirt or black skirt. The mask sizes are large fit, standard fit, and medium fit (small) which makes it easy to find one that fits your particular face for a comfortable leak-free fit. The Atomic Frameless II comes with a nice compact plastic storage case that keeps your mask protected during travel yet takes up very little room in your travel bag, unlike the standard square mask boxes. We have all sizes in both the clear and black masks in stock and we ship free to the US. Call us for prices and to get yours in the mail today.

Back to the subject of lobster mini-season, during these two days (July 25-26, 2018) our dive boat is available to individual or small groups to get out and hunt lobster. During the rest of the season we only do full boat charters for lobster. Mini-season is challenging and a lot of fun. Many restaurants will prepare your lobster for you. You can call the shop or email us to reserve your spots on the Key Largo Diver diveboat.

We are looking forward to our upcoming dive travel club trip to Little Cayman Island. Click on our “Dive Travel” tab for details. The last of the available rooms we have reserved are going fast so if you are interested in joining us then call our number below, or email, so that you don’t miss out on the fun.

Call us at (305) 451-5844 or email us at scuba@KeyLargoDiveCenter.com to reserve your dive adventure now.

Dive Safe, stay alert, keep learning and stay proficient.

Captain Larry